Serve with buttery peas and dress with fresh coriander

'also available as one perfect portion'

Serve with buttery new potatoes and a side of minted peas

Bake with mozzarella and basil before adding the sauce

Serve atop a spinach, rocket and watercress salad dressed with olive oil

Complement with a crisp and colourful salad

Serve with roasted Mediterranean veg and cous cous

Serve on a bed of rice and with a coriander garnish

Add a pinch of salt and serve with fried courgette ribbons

Pan fry and serve with homemade chips

'also available as one perfect portion'

Simply serve with crunchy stir fry veg and enjoy

Pair with roasted potato wedges and buttery green beans

Simply serve with a baked potato and real butter

Pair with sweet and crunchy mange tout and garlic-roasted tomatoes

Place atop fresh tagliatelle with spring onions and chilies

Pair with roasted red pepper couscous

Flake into baby potatoes and grated fennel

Simply serve with a fresh green salad

Nutritional info

As long as it’s deliciously fresh, top quality and paired with the right sauce, we’re happy. But for a more in-depth look at what’s cooking, just bear with us as we whip off our aprons and pull on our white coats.

Ask the experts…

  • Are your fish dishes made in the UK?

    Yes they are, at our manufacturing facility in Grimsby.

  • Do your products contain nuts?

    All of our products are manufactured in nut free factories.

  • Are your products GM free?

    Yes, all products in our range do not contain any genetically modified ingredients.

  • Are your Saucy products suitable for a gluten free diet?

    Our foil bake bag and fish and sauce ranges are gluten free.

    But the golden breadcrumbs in which we coat our saucy centre fishcakes make them unsuitable for a gluten free diet.

  • Can you freeze Saucy products?

    Yes, you can. Our delicious dishes are made of nothing but fish and natural, wholesome ingredients, so it's completely safe to freeze them for up to one month.

    Our fishcakes and foil bake bag ranges can be cooked from frozen – just follow the same cooking instructions but add ten minutes on the timer.

    For everything else, please simply make sure you defrost it in the fridge so it stays chilled at all times and eat it on the day of defrosting.

    As is the case with all cooked food, make sure it’s piping hot before serving.

  • Can you barbecue Saucy products?

    Our skin-on fillets are ideal for cooking skin down on the barbecue. And as all of our sauces and dressings can be eaten hot or cold, they’re great for a fresh summertime meal.

    Choose from the following in our fish and sauce range:
    • Fresh salmon fillets with watercress and crème fraiche sauce
    • Fresh sea bass fillets with beurre blanc and dill sauce
    • Salmon with chilli, lime and ginger dressing

  • Is your packaging recyclable?

    Yes, we’re committed to doing our bit for the environment so all of our cardboard packaging is made from recyclable board.

  • Where do you source your salmon?

    Our salmon fillets are responsibly sourced from GlobalG.A.P certified farms in Norway and Scotland. We also work with independent inspection body Integra Food Secure Limited to audit specific fish welfare requirements. And we’re absolutely delighted to report that their findings prove our processes exceed standards set out by the GlobalG.A.P.

    You can read more about GlobalG.A.P at

  • On your packaging you say that your salmon is “responsibly sourced from well managed farms.” What does that mean?

    It means that we source our salmon form GlobalGAP certified farms in Norway and Scotland and our Scottish salmon suppliers are RSPCA freedom foods accredited.

What We Do

From the very beginning of our journey, we've been obsessed with the idea of combining the tastiest sauces with the finest fish and giving them to you in a simple-to-cook way. That is our no fuss mission and it can be found in every fillet we serve


From fish to fork, responsibility is at the centre of everything we do at The Saucy Fish Co. We care where our seafood comes from and we are committed to responsible fishing, freshness and quality. We’re not alone either. We work closely with sustainable fishing organisations like the Marine Stewardship Council and The Sustainable Fisheries Partnership to help support long term sustainability in our industry.

If you have any questions about sustainability or our environmental responsibilities, drop us a line at

If you have any comments or questions, drop us a line at Alternatively, if you prefer to send a good old-fashioned letter, write to The Saucy Fish Co. P.O. Box 613, Grimsby DN31 9FW.

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